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Operations readiness for complete assurance of asset start-up safety

All the other OCCMS services are focused on the project and the achievement of the Ready for Start-Up (RFSU) completions certificate. At OCCMS we realise that this is only half of the story and that the Operations team being ready to receive is just as important as the project being ready to give.

We have the processes (OR plans), the system (Orbit), and the resources (OR Champions) to set up, embed, kick-off, and execute a full OR programme for any new asset and large upgrade project. The service again focuses on early deployment of this service on project in order to establish what constitutes ready for start-up and ongoing commercial operations and works with both the project and operations teams to gain alignment on that.

At OCCMS, we can work with the client’s own OR policies, procedures, and plans, or we can use our own that can be customised to adapt to any industry, process, or in-country legislation and standards.

In OCCMS, we can cover OR elements such as CSU and Initial Operations, Operations Team, TCCC, Competence, Training, Operating Risks, HSSE, MoC and CoW, IT/IS, ER & DR, Maintenance, Technical Integrity, Operations Support Contract, Spares and Materials, compliance, and regulatory.

Start-Up support for planned technical and resource back-up

This is a service that emphasises on the collaboration between the project and operations and the provision of technical and resource support from commissioning to give this critical phase the best chance of being safe, timely and reliable.

OCCMS in everything we do is geared towards the safe and timely start-up of the clients’ asset. We fully understand that our earlier services all lay the platform for success at this stage.

This start-up and operations support also covers support during the earlier project phases specific to start-up activities, such as supporting engineering to write the start-up strategy, start-up phasing, and any other associated start-up procedures. The service also includes supporting the planning for start-up, including budget estimating, resource support from commissioning and vendors, materials, spares, fills, temporaries, etc.

For start-up execution support, OCCMS simply follows the plan already agreed with and led by the Operations team along with any contingency processes already agreed. OCCMS at this point becomes a fully integrated component of the Operations team for as long as we are required.

Operations support to ensure early operations run as smoothly as possible

At OCCMS, we see operational support as a natural extension of our start-up support. We are able to offer ongoing client support after initial handover and start-up to achieve a smooth transition at final handover for early commercial and normal operations.

For our clients, we ensure that all outstanding issues, work or defects from either the project or operations readiness assurance programmes do not materially impact the safe ongoing operations after start-up.

The support we offer at this stage can include the temporary augmenting of select commissioning and start-up resources into the operations team for a defined period, supporting any performance testing, plant tuning and optimisation, supporting the final handover process and providing ongoing support in early commercial and normal operations for as long as we are needed.

If you could do with start-up and operations support for your new asset, speak to us today.

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