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Pre-commissioning that utilises our completions service to help achieve a cost-effective, fully scoped, planned and productive campaign. Read more here.

Pre-commissioning by OCCMS is a well-honed and slick operation using technology to build pre-commissioning work packages quickly, including planned labour hour estimates automatically compiled using our benchmarked norms. You can use our pre-commissioning solution alongside Orbit, our market-leading commissioning software.

API connectivity to compatible document control systems allows ‘compile on demand’ documents to be inserted into our pre-commissioning work packs quickly and efficiently.

This compilation also includes all the associated pre-commissioning check sheets, certificates, and drawings.

Association of work face enabling permits, services, materials, and equipment produces efficient look ahead tracking and management.

This highly effective approach tracks and smooths critical path activities daily to manage and secure high productivity outcomes on your project.

Most of all, we know that pre-commissioning is a numbers game. Therefore, our understanding of the constraints, the available work faces, the day-to-day status of the work faces, and progressive handovers from construction is vital for success. The benefits of this include keeping unproductive time of the mobilised pre-commissioning team down and keeping both construction and pre-commissioning teams safe as more and more areas begin operations for the first time.

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