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Our consultants have been chosen as subject matter experts in the field of completions, commissioning, project management and operations readiness, each with over 20 years of experience in delivering on projects and project to asset handover.

Our consultancy service fits with our philosophy of driving effectiveness and efficiency of delivery. We do this through the use of technology and employing the latest practices in completions, commissioning, start-up, and operational readiness. The ongoing learned experience from our consultants and professional contractors means we are continuously improving.

Although we can see through a project from beginning to end, we offer consultancy services at every stage:

Early Support: In FEED (and sometimes as early as the concept stage), there are a lot of activities required to set a project off in the right direction from the outset. We call this ‘setting the strategy for success’.

Audits: As a continuation of the early support or as a later intervention, we can provide objective consultancy at any stage of a project of how the strategies have developed into processes, systems, and activities. This includes a review of their effectiveness in managing completions, commissioning, project management, and operations support.

Project Recovery: It’s never too late to get us involved. If your project is going off-track, we provide you with an overview of the current issues and an associated recovery plan proposal(s). The service is focused on securing the greatest chance of recovery whilst minimising the associated impacts and risks of the current status.

If you think your project would benefit from our expert consultancy services, get in touch with us today.

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