Taqa Bratani Ltd – UKCS assets

Taqa Bratani Ltd – UKCS assets


TAQA UK’s onshore engineering department identified a need for a workpack-focused completions management system which would enable them to streamline their workpack creation process and provide more visible “live” progress of offshore construction, commissioning, and project closeout activities on their 5 assets in the North Sea. The areas in need of improvement included:

  • Onshore workpack generation and collation
  • Visibility of offshore progress
  • Tracking status of as-built drawings

Tracking progress of technical queries.

The Challenge

An investigation into current practices identified the following key areas where Orbit CMS functionality already existed or could be modified to suit the client’s requirements:

  • Workpacks taking weeks to pull together, relying on a great deal of manual input and visual verification of draft content, checksheets and certs required for scope manually created and inserted into pack
  • Progress and verification of construction and commissioning activities not visible until wet signed paper pack flown back from offshore, often weeks after closeout
  • Technical queries processed in CMS supported basic functionality – TQs are either open or closed, in reality closure of a TQ or EQ requires a gated workflow of up to 8 stages with up to 3 signatories accepting the response.
  • Further modifications to the CMS Drawings Register would greatly improve the efficiency of the closeout process

Working with the client produced functional design requirements for modifying the relevant sections of Orbit’s codebase where needed, and the work was scheduled into our development cycle for inclusion in the next release of the software. Other goals were achieved with minimal configuration of existing functionality.

The Solution

  • Through configuration of Orbit’s workpack template and workflow editor, it was possible to reduce the time taken for creation and collation of a full workpack from weeks to days.
  • Inclusion of fully pre-populated checksheets into workpack achieved with a small number of clicks.
  • User account based authorisation of workpacks at checkprint and review stages providing auditable history of content verification.
  • Immediate visibility of any user’s actionable items through My Orbit module launched on application startup, for example showing workpacks requiring that user’s authorisation to proceed.
  • Implementation of the Orbit document completion service allowed for automated PDF checksheet processing by email from offshore resulting in live progress updates of construction, commissioning, and closeout activities, changes immediately visible in reports and dashboards.
  • New fields added to drawings register capturing metadata fully supporting as-building and closeout provision.
  • Multiple customised dashboards created to provide full project overview month-by-month of workpack progress and closeout, status of drawings by workpack and technical query tracking.
  • Modification to the TQ workflow provided fully traceable status path from raising through to closure and acknowledgement, verified at each stage by design owner, design checker and job responsible engineer.

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