Addax Petroleum Gabon

Addax Petroleum Gabon


Addax Petroleum was created in 1994 and although it is now a subsidiary of the Sinopec Group, one of China’s largest oil and gas producers, at the time when OCCMS became involved it was one of the major independent oil & gas producers operating in Gabon. Addax Petroleum prided itself on having a deep-rooted understanding and respect for African cultures and it was this belief coupled with the company’s ambition to become a leading petroleum industry expert in the region which led to the initial engagement of the OCCMS Service of providing the System, Software and Personnel across all the projects in Addax’s Gabon portfolio.

The Challenge

In 2007 OCCMS were awarded a contract to provide Completions & Commissioning Services to Addax Petroleum in Gabon. Following a base study investigation and gap analysis breakdown of current work methods, Addax engaged OCCMS to establish best in class practices including recruitment and training for all of Addax’s project undertakings. This led to the formation of an in-country OCCMS core team made up of local and ex-pat employees who along with technical and operational support from the UK implemented the OCCMS methodology infrastructure and Completions Management Software Orbit in the Addax project and operations centre in Port Gentil and across all of Addax’s project locations in Gabon. This became the cornerstone and delivery mechanism for what Addax produced in terms of providing processed oil & gas to the market.

The Solution

  • Close those gaps by implementing modern-day work practices supported by a team of project conditioned experts.
  • To manage and control all infield activities leading to facility start-up and production.
  • To introduce Addax to the revenue benefits possible through a managed HSE environment, risk management & control, organisation befitting the task in hand, application, and adherence to proven practice and fulfilment of pre-project commitments.
  • Controlling and realizing the HSE objectives set down by the company.
  • Providing logistic control and management
  • Establishing and maintaining material and supply chain management.
  • Employing a greater than required quota of local content
  • Training and delivering local content personnel back into their company community.
  • To take on the challenges and turn these into opportunities.
  • To achieve project set targets in schedule, cost, and budget.

The Outcome

Following contract award in October 2007, OCCMS quickly ramped up to what was the optimum team constituent required in the early stages of establishing the (OCCMS) system and beginning the preparation for project execution. Following the successful start-up of the Obangue East GSP-PRC-RFQ-0012.

Facility in the following year and the realisation that Addax’s entire project range in Gabon was in dire need of correction as far as work practices was concerned, the team grew considerably as Addax asked more and more of the OCCMS resident contingent. In 2009 Orion Project Services (Gabon) was formed and in conjunction with the by now well established OCCMS team went on to manage all projects in terms of; engineering requirement, construction, commissioning, and start-up.

This continued for some time and the many successes included:

  • OBGE CPF – Completed & Started Up
  • OBGE Gas Compression – Completed & Started Up
  • RABI EPF – Completed & Started Up
  • RABI T-3 & T-4 – Intermediate pumping stations – Completed & Started Up
  • RABI PPF – Completions package population, site supervision & preservation activities. Suspended 2011
  • TRCP – TSG Gas Compression – Completions package population, site supervision & preservation activities. Suspended 2012.
  • TBEP – Tanks & Pumps – Completions package population and site supervision & preservation activities suspended 2012.
  • OBGE – Water Injection project (OWIP) – Completed.
  • TSG Pipeline Living Camp De-commissioning. Completed.
  • TSG Water Injection project – Completions package population, site supervision & preservation activities. Suspended 2012.
  • Begou Living Camp extension – Completions package population, site supervision & preservation activities. Suspended 2012.
  • Field Annual Shutdowns and Tie-ins completed – Brownfield modifications and commissioning and Start Up support (twice yearly).
  • OBGE – Pads and associated Flow lines – Oil Well Hook-Up & Commissioning Start Up – 6 to 8 Wells per Pad plus Gas Lift system to all Wells – Completed.
  • TSG Permanent Living Camp – Completed.
  • TSG – Civil & Road Repairs for Rig Moves completed 2012 (26km)

The Addax contract was completed in late 2012.

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