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Orion Group and OCCMS form Metrum partnership with Metering Specialists

Traditional project, completions and commissioning approaches are not providing the specialist metering needs and requirements early enough and are resulting in metering skids and packages not being validated in time for early production.

This new partnership blends the global reach of the Orion Group, the specialist completions and commissioning know-how of OCCMS and the very specific metering expertise and experience of two industry-leading consultants.

Poor management of new and existing metering arrangements via projects and ongoing operations can have long term dire consequences to an operating company’s finances through incorrect inventory accounting.

This new statement of work service provides metering expertise and solutions that are agile, cost-effective, manufacturer-independent, risk controlling and underpinned by technology and modern processes.

OCCMS MD Barry Cann says: “We first noticed this gap in the traditional project approach for metering systems 5 years ago on some high-profile mega-projects in the North Sea. OCCMS’s continuous drive for safe and timely start-up of our client’s assets co-joined with our partner’s specific expertise in metering solutions allows us to plug this gap and with better life cycle cost efficiency.”

“Metrum is our latest service line, which brings leading industry experts within the measurement & metering sector of the oil and gas industry to solve our clients challenges in this area. As well as engineering expertise, we have the ability to supply measurement specialists and to train in-country local engineers and graduates.”