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Shaping the future of oil and gas project management.

The need for accurate forecasts and effective progress reports is essential in successfully delivering on organisational goals and objectives. Plus, relying on manual processes is time consuming and exposes projects to unnecessary risks.

And that’s where Orbit oil and gas project management software comes in.

Our cutting-edge software is designed to take the headache out of your projects. It’s flexible, easy to use, and enables the efficient execution of oil and gas projects across a range of disciplines so you can streamline processes and reduce risks.

With live and remote reporting, paperless handover and paperless execution, Orbit energy project management software can be utilised as a standard off-the-shelf product or is fully customisable depending on your needs.

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At OCCMS, we understand the unique challenges faced by the oil and gas industry and know that even the smallest delay can significantly impact success – which is why it’s vital that everyone works with speed and efficiency.

That’s why we created Orbit to be more than just another software tool. Rather, our industry-leading solution is designed to be your strategic partner in overcoming complexities and achieving project success.

It’s the perfect marriage of innovation, digitisation, interfacing, and project outcome delivery, that enables you to streamline every aspect of the process, whilst also providing you with the real-time data and analytics you need to plan with confidence, make informed decisions, plan with confidence, and improve the bottom line.

  • The benefits speak for themselves:
  • Improved communication
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Real-time tracking
  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimised timelines
  • Minimised risk, maximum impact
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • User-friendly interface

Proactive Risk Assessment and Mitigation

We know that risk is inherent in the industry. Our software equips you with tools for proactive risk assessment and mitigation, minimising uncertainties and enhancing overall project safety.

Resource Planning and Allocation

Efficient resource planning is at the heart of project success. Our software facilitates optimal resource utilisation, preventing bottlenecks and ensuring that your team works cohesively toward project milestones.

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

Communication breakdowns can lead to project delays. With our software, real-time dashboard and scheduled email report delivery are not just features; they are the pillars that support effective teamwork and project progress.


We understand that your organisation might already have established systems in place. Our team of software developers are at hand to implement customisable solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimising disruptions to your workflow.

Why choose Orbit for your energy project management software?

Paperless Completions

With Orbit, you can be fully paperless at check sheet, punchlist, procedure, work pack, and handover levels, with comprehensive, fully automated reports at your fingertips.

Advanced Work Packaging

No more traditional timescales to create digitised work packs – with Orbit, you can instantly gain the necessary approvals and easily assign work packs to the right personnel to execute and close out projects.

Advanced Procedure

Our fully digitised process means you can speed up the time it takes to create, approve, assign, execute, and close out all types of procedure, from dynamic commissioning to performance tests, streamlining the process.

Latest API Interfacing

The ability to talk and share live data with any program or software deployed on your project so you can digitise your assets and data processes to hit “enter once use many times” objectives.

Competence Based Access

With different levels of access available depending on the competence requirements of the activities, you can manage and approve different competencies for individual users within the Orbit community.

Equipment Preservation

Take control of your equipment preservation and plan ahead to ensure your equipment level assets still operate when needed and remain within individual supplier guarantee requirements.

Electronic Handover Dossiers

Our fully digitised process doesn’t stop at paperless execution and advanced work packaging. With Orbit, you can easily create handover dossiers at the touch of a button, preventing the need for dated printed and filing.

Joint Integrity

Keep system costs appropriate and scalable by using Orbit as a Joint Integrity system for smaller projects, removing the need for hand transfer of values.

Additional services from OCCMS

As a specialist competitions and commissioning services provider, software isn’t all we do. We supply consultancy and fully managed services to ensure the safe and timely start-up of your assets worldwide.

As well as our industry-leading oil and gas project management software, our expert team also offers a range of services designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your completions, commissioning, and project management delivery.


Our dedicated consultants have extensive experience in the field of completions, commissioning, project management, and operations readiness across a wide range of sectors and can ensure your project gets off on the right foot – and stays there.


Our pre-commissioning service is a well-honed, slick operation that fully utilises the power of our completions service to help achieve a cost effective, fully scoped, planned and productive campaign.


With an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to plan and prepare for a successful commissioning campaign, we strike the right balance between laying the foundation for success and the ultimate delivery execution of dynamic or system commissioning.

Start-up and operations support

Getting the commissioning right is only half the story, which is why we also provide services to our clients on operations readiness, operations handover, start-up support, and early production support.

Global mobility

We have proven experience in getting people where they need to be on a global basis so that they become immediately productive. We provide a fully coordinated service during pre-mobilisation, in-country arrival, and ongoing assignment support.