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Managing package supplier interfaces

OCCMS understands that industries for both nuclear, onshore and offshore wind energy and other renewables, that projects rely heavily on Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission (DMIC) package supplier vendors. We also understand the many pros for this approach but also the challenges.

Using Orbit to provide the granularity and transparency of the work by each vendor at each stage of their delivery is essential to understand the quality and readiness to move forward from one phase to another. Having the ability to provide how these packages interface and when on project is also vital.

Orbit once configured and populated can interface inspection, test and commissioning activities with work execution flow schedules (WEFS) or diagrams. Once configured and set up then milestone driven activities can be identified with full and live status reporting directly on the WEFS using data sourced directly from Orbit.

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  • Fully digital lifecycle delivery
  • Alignment of quality requirements and deliverables
  • Detailed and transparent supplier status
  • Safe and timely handovers
  • Fully auditable control and assurance
  • Defects fully managed and transparent
  • Supplier issues (including interfaces) fully managed and transparent
  • Delivery milestone predecessors easily identified including bottlenecks

Allowing effective:

  • Priority and daily workface allocation and progress management
  • Live constraints management
  • Look ahead campaigning
  • Recovery planning and campaigning

Orbit at the heart of our OCCMS Services

As well as our state-of-the-art Orbit software, OCCMS also offers a wide range of services designed to achieve the best outcome for your completions, commissioning and project management delivery.