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Converting our clients from paper-based QA/QC to fully digital

OCCMS has many years of experience of supporting our clients to convert their QA/QC processes into a format that can enable them to use software to acquire efficiency and effectiveness improvements for their business and associated project delivery.

Projects for civil, structural, architectural construction for road, rail, power generation, IT infrastructure (data centres), and commercial building sectors have traditionally relied heavily of paper-based and manual workflow processes. Typical results include QA/QC falling behind the rest of the project and/or QA/QC becoming a bottleneck on progress.

Our conversion service offers to our clients to acquire the opportunity to fully embed a full project lifecycle inspection and test approach that is fully transparent to all stakeholders on project, gains early warning of issues, allows time to plan and adapt, and provide a solid basis for earned progress.

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Our approach

This service is underpinned by the following:

  • Inspection and Test Identification – Extraction of the core inspections and test required for different construction and installation activities. Embedding these in logic groups and digitising for use in software.
  • Quality Workflow Identification – Understanding and extracting the core workflow required and digitising in the configuration of the software.
  • Hold and Witness point ID – Building these into the workflow and configuration of the software.
  • Inspection & Test activity planning – Using the project and software WBS to logically group inspection and tests and to interface these with the project planning system.
  • Defects ID and Tracking – Providing the ability of the software to link defects found in the field to link to the inspection or test executed and hold up the progress of that until resolved.
  • Inspection and Test activity reporting – The ability to report down to level 6 granularity (individual inspection or test) for filterable sub-sets to determine progress and patterns in what is going well and what isn’t.

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Orbit at the heart of our OCCMS Services

As well as our state-of-the-art Orbit software, OCCMS also offers a wide range of services designed to achieve the best outcome for your completions, commissioning and project management delivery.