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Commissioning Engineering Roles

As a commissioning engineer, you will play an active role in planning, safely executing commissioning work scope, handing over systems & sub-systems and supporting start-up of new onshore/offshore facilities. Your knowledge and experience in planning and executing commissioning tasks, combined with rigorous testing and bring state-of-the-art infrastructure to life.

Or manage the safe, sustainable retirement of assets as a decommissioning engineer. You’ll oversee the orderly decommissioning of facilities – involving, from permitting, licences, competence & training, safety, environment, legislation and to contractor management.

Commissioning Engineering Roles
Launch Your Engineering Career in Commissioning

Launch Your Engineering Career in Commissioning.

Are you ready to take on an exciting role that combines complex engineering, methodical testing, and flawless project execution?

As a commissioning engineer, you’ll spearhead the start-up of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

This career puts you at the helm of bringing new assets to life. You’ll develop rigorous commissioning plans, lead coordinated teams, oversee critical testing, and ensure new infrastructure meets design specifications.

Take your commissioning skills to the next level.

Success means safely and efficiently progressing facilities from construction to full operations through your technical expertise and meticulous planning. You’ll apply your analytical eye, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

In commissioning, you can develop and enhance your technical capabilities, along with expanding your project management skills. Expect to collaborate with contractors, vendors, and operations crews of all backgrounds.

Make your mark by launching the next generation of offshore platforms, chemical plants, pipelines, and other key assets. A career in commissioning means ushering in tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Progress from cutting-edge projects to leadership roles. Take your engineering skills to the next level in this fast-paced, high-impact discipline.

View current Pre-commissioning and Commissioning roles:

Take your commissioning skills to the next level
Decommissioning Engineering roles:

Decommissioning Engineering roles.

A Decommissioning Engineer is responsible for planning, managing, and executing the decommissioning process of offshore structures and facilities, such as oil and gas platforms, wind turbines, and other marine installations. Their primary objective is to ensure the safe and environmentally responsible retirement of these structures once they have reached the end of their operational life.

Decommissioning Engineers play a vital role in ensuring the responsible and sustainable retirement of offshore structures, contributing to environmental preservation and safety in the energy and marine industries.

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OCCMS contractors benefit from Orion Group’s Worldwide Mobility Services