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Commissioning Test Procedures delivered to OCCMS’s clients sparks innovative development of Orbit

OCCMS’s successful Commissioning Test Procedure writing service is to be expanded into a fully digitised solution for use in the field.

Combination of the CTP writing service and expansion of the Orbit dynamic commissioning function to yield fully paperless creation, distribution, and execution of any type of procedure.

Specialist Commissioning firm OCCMS has announced an expansion to the dynamic commissioning module within Orbit™, building on the framework already proven in the field with the Advanced Work packaging module to allow commissioning test procedures to be created quickly from a set of template documents, including drawings and fully digital test steps for field-based execution on tablet devices. Procedures are written are subject to a gated revision workflow process where regular reviews and signoff by nominated authorities can be given at each stage of the process to ensure that the procedure issued for execution meets the project’s exacting requirements