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Completions and Commissioning Management Services

Specialist completions and commissioning services provider

We’re OCCMS, a specialist completions and commissioning services provider.

We supply consultancy and fully-managed specialist services, resources and class-leading technology all geared towards the safe and timely start-up of our clients’ assets on a worldwide footprint.

Orbit: Our fully-customisable completions and commissioning project management software

The perfect marriage of innovation, digitisation, interfacing and ultimate project outcome delivery.

Orbit is our completions and commissioning management system. This innovative software application is the latest in cutting-edge technology, leading our revolution in project management and delivery for our clients in the energy, clean energy, built environment, life sciences, mining and defence sectors.

Orbit: Our fully-customisable completions and commissioning project management software

Interested in finding out how Orbit could take your project management to the next level?

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Client Projects


Glencore Oil

Glencore Case Study

Glencore Oil commissioned a programme to review and up-date/rewrite their Operating Management System (OMS) Standards. This focused on Element 8 - Execution and Control of Activities, specifically sub-element 8.1 Control of Work.
Imperial Oil and PLC

Imperial Oil and PCL

PCL is a prime contractor on the IOL Kearl Oil Sands project. Kearl is a world-class oil sands mining project with 4.6 billion barrels of bitumen resource and a project lifespan of over 40 years. Orbit was selected as the Completions and Commissioning Management System.

OCCMS Services

Our team has extensive experience in thinking about the end of the job, right from the beginning, across a wide range of sectors. Our associates ensure your project sets off on the right foot and stays there all the way through to operations handover.

We understand the value of a high-quality handover from construction and the value of a highly productive pre-commissioning campaign to the overall project’s success objectives. This service is fully focussed on delivering that foundation for success.

Pre-commissioning that fully utilises the power of completions advanced work packaging by sub-system and discipline for a cost effective, fully scoped, planned and productive campaign.

We strike the right balance between laying the foundation for success in planning and preparation and the ultimate delivery execution of dynamic or system commissioning. Our overall objective focus being on safety at start-up, schedule and cost-efficiency.

Getting the commissioning right is just the first step. We also provide services to our clients on operations readiness, operations handover, start-up support and early production support.

We have proven experience and compliant processes in placing people where they need to be on a global basis so that they become immediately productive at the point they need to be.

Career Opportunities in Commissioning and Decommissioning and Completions Are you an engineer looking for complex, meaningful projects? Apply your technical skills on both ends of the asset lifecycle with our commissioning and decommissioning teams.

Latest news

May 9, 2024 in general

Completions & Commissioning oversight and execution support services

OCCMS’ long standing relationship with Centrica Storage at their UK onshore Gas Processing & Storage terminal, was formed to provide Completions & Commissioning oversight and execution support services. The high-level summary of the scope requirements are as follows: Execution oversight of handover from principal contractorCommissioning Test Procedure development and implementation FAT Support Plan and execute pre-commissioning and dynamic commissioning Technical…
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May 9, 2024 in general

Mining Digital Completions

Supporting our mining clients on their digital journey Orbit has many years of supporting the mining industry to complete their new build and expansion projects. OCCMS has trained and supported our client users to adapt the completions process into the mining industry with great success. The latest developments within Orbit have pushed the efficiency and effectiveness of the completions process…
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March 28, 2024 in general

How to Effectively Report on Project Data

Whatever type of project you’re managing, one thing’s for sure: for it to be a success, you need to conduct project reporting.
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